As part of running the UK Association of Virtual Assistants, I spend a lot of time looking into online and inspecting various other virtual assistant’s website. Periodically I see a superior website; however what I typically see is a whole range of similar websites, every one fairly identical from another. When a potential customer is searching online to discover a virtual assistant they wish to work with, the last thing you want is for that person to be burnt out in their search from continuously reviewing the same thing over and over once more and leafing through the usual style as virtual assistant’s ‘obtain’ from each other’s sites!

The business appears as a nameless, faceless company entity

This is specifically real when working essentially as your prospective client might never ever fulfill you in person but will constantly gain from ‘placing a face to a name’. Before working with you a prospect will want know, like, respect, and count on you in order to allow you to lose within their business. I understand many VA firms employ this strategy to show up larger than they in fact are, yet do not you choose virtual assistant websites being able to pick up the phone or go down an email to someone you can determine within a company, rather than attempting to pass through a faceless company facade. Guess what, so do your prospects.

Exactly How to Avoid Deadly Virtual Assistant Website Mistakes

Place a photograph and a bio about yourself on the website and if you still wish to preserve the impression of size, placed yourself as the Founder or Handling Supervisor of the company and use ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ in your text. Or possibly you have discovered a website that had some fascinating web content or addressed a few of your inquiries however you weren’t prepared to buy what you were researching right now. You might bookmark it however if it had a newsletter or a cost-free download of some kind you ‘d sign up so that you know they ‘d contact you every so often and you would not need to go seeking them next time.

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