“I’m eager to share my winnings with family members and friends, plan to obtain a new auto, and anticipate a lengthy holiday – or many. West’s ticket divides the Powerball jackpot at the Oct. 27 drawing using a ticket bought in nyc. 198.1 million lump option choice. The New York ticket has to be claimed. West, 51, purchased her jackpot-winning ticket in Casey’s, 425 Second St. at Redfield, a Dallas County neighborhood of approximately 830, in which she recently purchased a home. She was going to her new house in October and she along with her sister ceased at Casey’s for coffee and pizza.

West purchased an easy-pick Powerball ticket, Even though they were there. The jackpot-winning ticket to get time was lost, although she believed she placed her ticket in her sister’s bath – . The day following the drawing went obtained a text from a friend. She responded that she had not, but she’d check her ticket to view. She phoned her sister, who also discovered it, when she could not find her ticket. Her sister delivered her a photo of this ticket and if West assessed her numbers to the lottery site, she realized she had won the jackpot. “I advised my sister to put inside her truck and find that ticket and receive up here now!

Iowa's Powerball Winner Shares Her Story

And, push slow, and” West explained with a laugh as she remembered that afternoon. After that day, West watched television crews putting up to do interviews about the jackpot-winning ticket and drove in Redfield by Casey’s shop. “I saw them and smiled,” she explained. 파워볼사이 Iowa Lottery CEO Terry Rich said it is exciting to be part of the story as Iowa’s ninth Powerball lotto winner of West. West worked in the Des Moines area for years in the insurance industry, but lately retired after learning she’d won the lottery. She and her family are still currently coordinating the Callum Foundation, called Callum, after her grandson, who dwelt a day and was born in April. “We’ve got a board setup that will examine the orders and determine what’s in the interests of this Callum Foundation,” she explained.

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