Natural Stone Steps

Rock measures are a wonderful addition to any exterior landscaping surroundings, particularly when changes in altitude are a characteristic of your own design. The use of stone measures will be to help you from 1 degree to another. The concrete step layout begins with the kind of residence and the landscape. Stone measures include interest and will earn a statement pique curiosity or offer easy accessibility to other areas of the picture. Landscaping measures and step treads could be cosmetic, with or without landings, edged to add color, straight or curved, with or without rails. Sizing for landscape measures is essential. A formulation for landscape rock measures structure is an 18-inch thickness and a 6-inch riser. However, riser ranges from 5 to 2 inches may be utilized.

The connection between measure and riser tread should stay constant during the whole flight of rock steps/step treads. Wider stone measures are perceived as composed and let side-by-side scaling. Plus, broader measures that are natural permit for container houses or personal place where to sit. Napoleon Stone is your premier provider of pure stone measures in the Midwest. We create several forms of stone measures, step treads and blatzkamienia rock slabs in our quarries from Southeast Michigan. Natural Stone Steps from Napoleon Stone are normally irregular rock step substance that range in 3′-4′ extended / 2′-2.5′ deep / 6″-8″ in depth. Split Steps known as Step Treadsare far more dimensional than measures that are normal and they have normal tops and bottoms together with all the four sides.

Our split measures include 3’/4’/5′ spans with mattress depths of 18″ or even 24″ and therefore so are generally 6″-8″ in depth. Sawn Steps from Napoleon Stone are very similar to our divide measures but they’re sewn on top and bottom to guarantee a uniform depth. Our sawn measures include 3’/4’/5′ spans with mattress depths of 18″ or even 24″ and therefore are mainly sold in a 6″ thickness custom sizes are available upon request. Finally our Sawn Slabs are occasional sawn slabs of rock sawn into a particular depth with arbitrary lengths and mattress depths of 20″-24″. They’re a terrific choice to consider when you seek a look that is unique for your outdoor landscape.

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